APPENDIX B : Calysto's Scrolls

Orbit Nine Orbit Nine

Princess Princess of Push

Isun Ode to Isun

Peace Ode to Haleth Dagore

Jump Druss Dreamseer

Nightmares Nightmare Dreams

fayds The History of the Pool in Fayd's Fortress


Orbit Nine

Old man fuzzball was one of a kind.
He was given halo at just orbit nine.
"Orbit nine! What can you learn,
from mentor orbit nine?"

Push. Lots of Push. Push Push Push.
Push all the time.
Look around? What do you see?
Tell me what you find.
Know yourself. know your heart.
You pay them no mind.
The dream yours to see and do.
Don't fall in the grind.

Old man fuzzball was one of a kind.
He turned fuzzy.
"Hmm. Can you locate for me?
I can't use mine."

So what can you learn from fuzzy arts off-line?
Push. Lots of Push. Push Push Push.
Push all the time.
Push Blurp. Push Flash. Push Turbo. Push Nziri. Push Haleth. Push Tone. Push Mangler. Push... too many to name!
Push me hope.
Change the dream, forever.
You can do it, too.

Old man fuzzball was OH so fine...
Just a circle and a straight line.
What can YOU do with orbit nine?


Princess of Push

Once upon a time (not too long ago)
when dreamers entered our city in droves,
a princess was crowned, a princess named Tone,
Princess of push on a fatesender throne.

She came to meet Schinmizu the Great,
Esteemed pusher of elders (of late)
Brave tone joined cause and they together,
evoked sacred art upon every elder.

O noble pushers! What's more courageous,
than shoving Asmodan (now that's ourtrageous!)
Or causing Telomir to lose his footing!
Or rolling Thumper like so much pudding!

Who else could have been so bold,
As to topple the great Lord Xenus of old?
With every evoke our push princess
Might have risked finger of death,

So next unsuspecting elder you spy,
remember this tale and keep memory alive.
Remember our princess. Remember Shinmizu,
And remember the fan club still recruits!


Ode to Isun

Isun was a SoulMaster and Proud was he;
Flaunting his focus through Trinity:
"SoulMasters, DreamSeers could never be,
Not in their wildest fantasies!"

Poor, poor Isun, unaware was he;
That lurking beside him, Invisibly,
A DreamSeer accepted the challege readily,
Soon from his body, Isun's head was freed.

Now Isun has changed his mind;
Now knowing that he was quite blind.
And so our SoulMaster now agrees:
Don't condemn what you cannot see!


Ode to Haleth Dagore

Haleth was a Prince with a Shiny Emerald Crown;
No matter how hard they tried, they could not pull it down.
So they tugged untill off it came and Haleth with a "Yelp!"
For dismantled it left Haleth's Bald Scalp!


Dreamseer Druss

Druss was a Seer in the Dream you see;
Never more DreamSeer could the Dreamer Druss be;
Then Druss Dreamed Scare, and Seer became Lucidity;
Now Druss DreamSeer Dreams Nightmares does he!


Nightmare Dreams

Hush hush children, get you off to bed,
Even nightmares rest their heads.
Tehthu roams across evernight
salivating over his next bite.
While little Gobolos has visions of Nziri,
Feeding him warm cookies with tea.
Tzayak rules with demands unruly,
Essences and the occasional newly.
And Foulmoth, poor bloke, he wants a home,
This house or that house to call his own.
And Epoth--impressionable pup,
Little Emphant just wants to grow up!
So sleep tight children. So it seems,
Even nightmares chance to dream.



The History of
the pool in Fayd's Fortress

As histories have many versions, I have decided to post what facts I have been able to gather for a contextualization of Fayd's life and the history of the pool in Fayd's fortress. I have spoken to many dreamers who have given me excellent accounts of this, and I would especially like to thank Krynn, Zardac, Luinitari, Valourin, Incubus, Grey Mouser, and Snowblind, for enlightening me (and anyone else who has contributed indirectly to this history).

Fayd, the Fortress, and Gote:

Zardac has given me an excellent account of the history of the Basin of Stars. Fayd's fortress was built primarily to guard against invasion of mares. Fayd was a man of resolute principles, and a strong leader. His fortress was revered and dignified.

However, during the Dreamer's wars, a time of great disturbance and chaos in the dream, house leaders were brutally tortured and murdered, and afterwards, thrown into the pool at Fayd's Fortress Main hall, insulting the great respect and sanctity this fortress held. A survivor retaliated against these attackers and slaughtered them at the bridge of memories.

Likely during the dreamers wars, Gote came into the possession of an artifact from Kotes. This artifact could be one of several things; Incubus suggests it was either a ring given to AoE, or the head of a dark mare, "glazed in gold and worn as a helm... given power to evoke fear and paralyze." Fayd took this artifact from the house and disposed of it in the pool in the fortress; probably to prevent the misuse of its horrible powers.

One history suggests that Fayd's beliefs were the cornerstone of Gote. The house of Gote was obliterated in later history by Tehthu.

Of Fayd's demise:

Gray Mouser and Valourin have both given me excellent accounts of the death of Fayd. For greater detail, I recommend Grey Mouser's post.

Fayd requested the head of Tehthu from Gray Mouser, and upon recieving it, was gripped by a power so strong as to drain his own. Consumed by the dark forces in the Caudal Rifts, Fayd appealed to DoL to relinquish the Dreamer's Stone to save his soul. However, DoL could not give up possession of this important artifact to Gray Mouser, an HC member, and though Valourin was able to bring it to Fayd eventually, by the time it arrived, Fayd had already perished.

It was suggested that Fayd had become Tehthu.

Fayd's curse darkens the dream as the dark mare of that same name.

My speculations:

The horrors of the dreamers wars, together with the chaotic forces of the artifact dropped in the pool in the main hall, have lead to its inevitable corruption. I have to wonder if this pool serves as a prison for these foul energies, and its bottomlessness prevents its return. Furthermore, the vent in the roof of the Main Hall appears to suck its boiling vapours into the sky, as if acting as a damper. Strangely enough, no stars can be seen from the view of this window, only the lone sable moon.

This selfsame pool was used in the creation of the great Sceptre of Souls: during which resilience elements were released to imbue the sceptre, giving it a power so pure that only the true of heart could carry it. The great chaotic forces of the Kotes artifact were countered by the resiliency of the combined forces in the Guardians of the Soul. This strange paradox seems to bring some hope.

Tehthu's history has been mysteriously interlinked with Fayd. Sabriana's recent report of the terrible corruptions in the head of Fayd given to her by Tehthu brings more of these mysteries to the surface.