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Tale of the Great Loss

Interview with Boggen

Chapter One: 

Ariana Captured by Tehthua

The Corrupter of Souls and

The Orb of Calenture

Interview with Tux

Chapter Two: 

Tehthua's Box

Interview with Sabriana

Chapter Three: 

Early House Conflict

Interviews with Watcher and Valourin


Watcher's DoL History

Chapter Four: 

The Naming of Fayd's Betrayal

Interviews with Valourin and Carnach


Gray Mouser's Account

Chapter Five:  

Dena and her Protector

Interview with Luinitari

Chapter Six:  

Valourin and Tiger

Interview with Valourin


Valourin's Story

Chapter Seven:  

Scarwind: Dark Dreamwright

Interview with Valourin

Chapter Eight:  

Moon Rising

Interview with Luinitari

Chapter Nine:  

The Great Awakening
& the Emergence of the Free Spirits

Interviews with Carnach & Ravageone

Chapter Ten:  

Four Plus One

Interview with Flash333

Chapter Eleven: 

The Soul of Radiance

Interview with Machiavelli


Machiavelli's PoR History

Chapter Twelve:  

Banish Nightmare

Interview with Elektra

Chapter Thirteen:  

Of Yog-Ka and Sabra

Interview with Nziri

Chapter Fourteen:  

The Reawakening of
Alliance of the Eclipse

Interview with Ambi


The SoE Beliefs
Courtesy of Brother Timothy

Chapter Fifteen:  

Sceptre of Souls

Interview with Sanctus

Chapter Sixteen:  

The Pursuit of
the Dark Lord Tykoth

Interview with Isun

Chapter Seventeen:  

Insight into

Interview with Erasmus

Chapter Eighteen:  

Stollen Radiance:
The PoR TakeOver

Interview with Tone

Chapter Nineteen:  

The Lost Scrolls
and Threshold Caves

Interview with Tux

Chapter Twenty:  


Interview with Machiavelli

Chapter Twenty One 

The Three Pretenders

By Calysto


Memories of V'loshitar

Chapter Twenty Two:  

Covenant Sworn

Interviews with Jantoc and Ayesh

Chapter Twenty Three:  

Gathering Home

Interview with Munchkin

Chapter Twenty Four  


Interview with Ghazgkull

Chapter Twenty Five  

Thunberg's Dream

Interview with Thumper

Chapter Twenty Six:

The Strange Tale of Fre'y and Saaltak

Interviews with Belg and Riatha


Saaltak and Fr'ey; A Journey through time
Song by Invictus

Chapter Twenty Seven  

Atomino, Zovorodi, and
The Secret Chasm

Interview with Atomino

Chapter Twenty Eight 

Beacon for the Alliance

Interview with Riatha

Chapter Twenty Nine 

Dreamer's Blight

Interview with Erasmus

Chapter Thirty 

Lord of Shadows

Interview with Berkana


Asmodan's History
Written by Fenr'al

Chapter Thirty One 

Kelos and Ataraxis

Interview with Kelos

Chapter Thirty Two 

The KABAL, The Penumbra,
& Citadel Rediscovered

Interview with Kellergeister

Chapter Thirty Three 

Shadowed Paths
The Opening of KotES

Interview with Bear Crusher

Chapter Thirty Four 

Dark Days of Dreamstrike

Interviews with Patro, Tone, Bear Crusher, Samarina & Hrrum


Mirii's journals

Chapter Thirty Five 

Dreamstrike: RavenXR's story

Interview with RavenXR, including Dremorus and Fiorel

Chapter Thirty Six 

Dreamstrike: Star Scream's Story

Interview with Star Scream

Chapter Thirty Seven 

Dreamstrike: Elspet's Story

Interview with Elspet

Chapter Thirty Eight 

Dreamstrike: SK's Story

Interview with Serialkiller33

Chapter Thirty Nine 

Ayerre, Ostara & Alliance Intrigue

Interviews with Menson, Tamarisk and Fin Marda

Chapter Forty 

The Dreamers of Night and Earth

Interviews with Menson and Fiorel

Chapter Forty One 

Infiltration and Closure of the Gathering


The Entrancement Stone Ritual
Recorded by Calysto

Chapter Forty Three 

Life and Death, Peace and Hate

Recorded by Calysto

Chapter Forty Four 

Dreamstrike Revisited

Interview with Hrrum


The Dreamstrike Revival Project
Written by Menson

Chapter Forty Five 

The Dream Deferred

Interview with Nidus


Kelenrath's Prophecy
Recorded by Samarina

Chapter Forty Six 

Is This the End?


Of Artifact & Special Talisman Histories

Appendix B  

Dusty Scrolls

About the Author  

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